Rosemary D. Garris

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Although most agree that games can be engaging and that games can be instructive, there is little consensus regarding the essential characteristics of instructional games. Implicit in the research literature is the notion that if we pair instructional content with certain game features, we can harness the power of games to engage users and achieve desired(More)
Twelve adult male volunteers participated in a double-blind study to determine the effect of pretreatment with histamine and/or histamine2 receptor antagonists on the incidence and severity of vancomycin-induced "red-man syndrome." Subjects received hydroxyzine, 50 mg, ranitidine, 300 mg, hydroxyzine plus ranitidine, or placebo at weekly intervals 2 h(More)
6554 Background: Hyper-CVAD achieves high rates of complete remissions (CR) in pts with T-ALL/LL. However, about 50% will relapse. Nelarabine is active in relapsed /refractory T lymphoid malignancies, but its activity in frontline therapy of T-ALL/LL remains unclear. The aim is to assess response, DFS, overall survival, and safety of hyper-CVAD/nelarabine(More)
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