Rosemary Callingham

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This paper reviews factors that contribute to the development of middle school students' interest in statistical literacy and its motivational influence on learning. To date very little research has specifically examined the influence of positive affect such as interest on learning in the middle-school statistics context. Two bodies of associated research(More)
This paper follows earlier research using a survey instrument devised to measure statistical literacy understanding at the school level. Based on partial credit Rasch analysis, the performance of 673 students in Grades 5 to 10 is reported both overall and for three subgroups of items reflecting strands within statistical understanding. The three strands are(More)
This paper examines the relationship between key predictors of middle school students' interest for statistical literacy, including their self-efficacy for statistical literacy and their prior mathematics achievement. Given the lack of research in the statistical literacy domain, a review of the mathematics education literature confirms the importance of(More)
As diverse technology use increases in education a number of issues are raised for assessment. This is true in all subjects, but may be particularly pertinent to statistics because students can now use large data sets and deal with multiple variables as part of their learning experiences. The issues are of two kinds. In classrooms, how do teachers assess(More)
This paper provides an analysis of interview responses from 40 teachers to a student survey question based on a pictograph. Responses comprise the first segment of 30-40 minute interviews exploring teachers' pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) in statistics at the middle school level. The responses are analysed against a back-drop of previous research on(More)
An activity is described which allows students with a range of abilities to become involved in data analysis and informal inference while working in self-selected small group environments. xINTRODUCTIONx Now that the mathematics curriculum documents of most countries require data handling to be part of students' mathematical experiences, it may be safe to(More)