Rosemary Baker

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The conceptual complexity of problems was manipulated to probe the limits of human information processing capacity. Participants were asked to interpret graphically displayed statistical interactions. In such problems, all independent variables need to be considered together, so that decomposition into smaller subtasks is constrained, and thus the order of(More)
BACKGROUND There is a need for simple multimedia training programs designed to upskill the dementia care workforce. A DVD-based training program entitled RECAPS and MESSAGE has been designed to provide caregivers with strategies to support memory and communication in people with dementia. OBJECTIVES The aims of this study were: (1) to evaluate the effects(More)
Empirical work on appropriate layout aesthetics for graph drawing algorithms has concentrated on the interpretation of existing graph drawings. A more recent experiment has considered layout aesthetics from the point of view of users moving nodes in an existing graph drawing so as to create a desirable layout. The project reported here extends this research(More)
BACKGROUND People with dementia have a range of needs that are met by informal caregivers. A DVD-based training program was developed using research-based strategies for memory and communication in dementia. The effectiveness of the training on the caregiver experience and the well-being of the person with dementia was evaluated. METHODS A(More)
BACKGROUND Difficulties with memory and communication are prominent and distressing features of dementia which impact on the person with dementia and contribute to caregiver stress and burden. There is a need to provide caregivers with strategies to support and maximize memory and communication abilities in people with dementia. In this project, a team of(More)
The present research is aimed at understanding the processes involved in short-term memory and how they interact with age. Specifically, word length effects were examined under forward serial recall, backward serial recall, and item recognition tasks, with performance being interpreted within an item-order theoretical framework. The interaction of age, word(More)
We report a new Liverpool family with a mild haemophilia B Leyden phenotype caused by a -6G-->A mutation in a CpG dinucleotide in the promoter of the clotting factor IX gene. This mutation had previously been identified in three other U.K. pedigrees and six others worldwide. To investigate whether these mutations were of independent origin, the haplotype(More)
The progressive neuropathology involved in dementia frequently causes a gradual decline in communication skills. Communication partners who are unaware of the specific communication problems faced by people with dementia (PWD) can inadvertently challenge their conversation partner, leading to distress and a reduced flow of information between speakers.(More)