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The Revision of the Traditional Gap between Theory & Practice & the Empowerment of Translation in Postmodern Times
AbstractIn the tradition dominated by essentialism, translation has generally been regarded as a stubborn theoretical problem which defies the basic assumptions of most traditional disciplines. TheExpand
Fidelity and The Gendered Translation
Fidelity and The Gendered Translation — Postmodern theories of language have drastically changed the ways we view the translator's task and the relationships that can be established between theExpand
Translation, Transference, and the Attraction to Otherness -- Borges, Menard, Whitman
Jorge luis Borges inaugurated his writing career at the tender age of nine with the publication of a translation of oscar Wilde’s “The happy Prince” in el País, a Buenos aires newspaperExpand
Thinking Translation beyond Deconstruction and Postcolonial Studies
Last century, post-Nietzschean conceptions of translation – from Jorge Luis Borges’s to Jacques Derrida’s – were instrumental in radically questioning the usual clichés associated with the allegedExpand
Feminist, "Orgasmic" Theories of Translation and Their Contradictions
The main goal of this essay is to examine some theoretical reflections on translation inspired by contemporary feminism and based on theories of language that are supposedly postmodernist asExpand
Translators' Code of Ethics
Every translation promises to represent the original in a different linguistic and cultural environment, and often in adifferent time. Expand