Rosemary Abbott

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It is not known how 5-HTTLPR genotype x childhood adversity (CA) interactions that are associated with an increased risk for affective disorders in population studies operate at the neural systems level. We hypothesized that healthy adolescents at increased genetic and environmental risk for developing mood disorders (depression and anxiety) would(More)
War experiences are associated with the risk of long-term mental health problems. The War-affected Youths (WAYS) Study comprises a cohort of 539 youths (61% female) aged between 18 to 25 (at baseline) randomly sampled from the population of war-affected youths in northern Uganda. The study aims to chart the trajectory of long-term mental health consequences(More)
BACKGROUND Polymorphisms in the promoter region of the serotonin transporter gene (5-HTTLPR) and exposure to early childhood adversities (CA) are independently associated with individual differences in cognitive and emotional processing. Whether these two factors interact to influence cognitive and emotional processing is not known. METHODOLOGY AND(More)
UNLABELLED Generic utility measures of health-related quality of life provide an independent net valuation of health states. They are increasingly used with condition-specific outcome measures in assessing treatments. In Bipolar Disorder, a few studies indicate poorer quality of life for depressed vs. euthymic patients. A single study suggests mania is less(More)
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