Rosemarie Soellner

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OBJECTIVE Loss of function mutations in PINK1 typically lead to early onset Parkinson disease (PD). Zebrafish (Danio rerio) are emerging as a powerful new vertebrate model to study neurodegenerative diseases. We used a pink1 mutant (pink(-/-) ) zebrafish line with a premature stop mutation (Y431*) in the PINK1 kinase domain to identify molecular mechanisms(More)
*At the end of the cell cycle, the plant cell wall is deposited within a membrane compartment referred to as the cell plate. Little is known about the biogenesis of this transient membrane compartment. *We have positionally cloned and characterized a novel Arabidopsis gene, CLUB, identified by mutation. *CLUB/AtTRS130 encodes a putative TRAPPII tethering(More)
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