Roseli A. Francelin Romero

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— In this work, an Elman recurrent neural network is used for automatic musical structure composition based on the style of a music previously learned during the training phase. Furthermore, a small fragment of a chaotic melody is added to the input layer of the neural network as an inspiration source to attain a greater variability of melodies. The neural(More)
An increasing interest in the design of mobile robots has been observed in recent years, which is mainly motivated by technological advances that may allow their application to consumer markets, in addition to industrial areas.Although sophisticated techniques have been developed, choosing the appropriate hardware-software partitioning and programming robot(More)
—Attention is a critical mechanism for visual scene analysis. By means of attention, it is possible to break down the analysis of a complex scene to the analysis of its parts through a selection process. Empirical studies demonstrate that attentional selection is conducted on visual objects as a whole. We present a neurocomputational model of object-based(More)
In this paper, a Visual Selection and a Shifting Mechanisms based on a lattice of coupled chaotic Wilson-Cowan oscillators is proposed. The oscillators representing each object in a given visual scene are synchronized to produce a chaotic trajectory. A cooperation and competition mechanisms are also introduced to accelerate oscillating frequency of the(More)
— In this paper, Spatial Access Methods, like R-Tree and k-d Tree, for indexing data, are used to speed up the training process and performance of data analysis methods which learning algorithms are kind of competitive learning. Often, the search for the winning neuron is performed sequentially, which leads to a large number of operations. Instead of using(More)