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Migrating Office Processes to Automation: An Evaluation on Green IT Practices in a University in the Philippines
Several endeavors of adopting green IT takes place in various organizations, ranging from manufacturing to end-user IT utilization. However, there is no existing literature citing green IT adoptionExpand
Modified Anti-Monotone Support Pruning on FP Tree for Improved Frequent Pattern Generation
The study applied the modified anti-monotone support constraint to the Frequent Pattern-Growth (FP-G Growth) algorithm to enhance its frequent pattern generation. Expand
Effectiveness of Online Learning System as a Supplemental Pedagogical Tool
Learning can be extended from the traditional face-to-face classroom experience towards the virtual pedagogical environment. This study evaluated the effectiveness of the Misamis University OnlineExpand
A Predictive Analytics Approach in Determining the Predictors of Student Attrition in the Higher Education Institutions in the Philippines
The paper identified the predictors of student attrition in the Higher Education Institution (HEI) through predictive analytics approach. Expand
An Enhanced Frequent Pattern-Growth Algorithm with Dual Pruning using Modified Anti-Monotone Support
We enhanced the FP-Growth algorithm by performing the dual pruning of the itemsets before generating frequent patterns by using the modified anti-monotone support constraint. Expand