Rosebell Kagumire

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Annette Nakawuki, 15 years old and five months pregnant, waits outside a screening room at the Naguru Teenage Centre in Kampala, Uganda. She is here for a free antenatal check. The five girls surrounding her, all visibly pregnant, are here for the same reason. At age 12, Nakawuki, an orphan, left her village to work in Kampala as a maid. The pay was(More)
CMAJ • NOVEMBER 18, 2008 • 179(11) © 2008 Canadian Medical Association or its licensors 1119 The president of the country once scoffed at the notion. Some scientists fear it may ultimately prove counterproductive because it may persuade some men to take fewer precautions during sex. Others say the country’s primitive health care system compounds the(More)
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