RoseMarie Robertson

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BACKGROUND The baroreflex normally serves to buffer blood pressure against excessive rise or fall. Baroreflex failure occurs when afferent baroreceptive nerves or their central connections become impaired. In baroreflex failure, there is loss of buffering ability, and wide excursions of pressure and heart rate occur. Such excursions may derive from(More)
Rett syndrome, a degenerative neurological disorder of girls, has a classical presentation and typical EEG findings. The electroencephalograms (EEGs) of 7 girls whose records have been followed from the onset of symptoms to the age of 5 or more are presented. These findings are tabulated with the Clinical Staging System of Hagberg and Witt-Engerström(More)
The electroencephalograms of 40 children with permanent cortical visual impairment (CVI) were studied. CVI was diagnosed in the presence of severe visual loss, normal or minimal ocular findings and clinical, electrodiagnostic and CT evidence of postgeniculate lesions involving the visual cortex. All patients had a multidisciplinary evaluation, including(More)
Previous reports in the literature have suggested that lithium medication does not affect the VEP to flash stimulation. It was predicted that this would not be true for pattern reversal stimulation. Seven patients had their pattern evoked potential measured using a 42' check to fractional pattern displacement of 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full square. The VEP was(More)
We studied 7 children with Rett Syndrome, characterized by behavioral and motor abnormalities which superficially resemble infantile autism, and reviewed the records of 4 adults with the same symptoms. Clinical details are discussed. No abnormalities were found in analyses of amino acids and biogenic amine metabolites. EEG showed a clear pattern of(More)
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