Rose Young

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Atypical handedness patterns, i.e., persons being less exclusively right-handed, have been found previously in large samples of male and female homosexuals and in small samples of male and female transsexuals compared to controls. The posited role of prenatal androgen influencing both cerebral hemispheric dominance and psychosexual development warrants(More)
Recent research on Blacks or African-Americans in psychiatric settings suggests that Black-White MMPI differences are minimized or eliminated when researchers match or control for key moderator variables, including psychiatric diagnosis. This study attempted to determine whether Hispanic-White MMPI differences are either minimized or eliminated when(More)
The purpose of this study was to detennine the effect that computer technology use in the classroom had on students' grades, motivation, attitude and attendance. Teacher/student technology surveys were used to measure teacher use, student use, and overall use of technology in the classroom. The sample for this study consisted of teachers from the(More)
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