Rose Whyman

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OBJECTIVES New Zealanders are one of the healthiest populations in the world, but significant inequalities in health and oral health remain. New Zealand suffers a possible shortage of medical and dental practitioners and an agreed mal-distribution of both. This study examines the distribution of dental and medical practices in New Zealand's largest city(More)
This paper describes the application of a hydraulic intraoral jig to the establishment of the vertical dimension of occlusion for full denture construction. The device enables the patient to establish an occlusal height which is most comfortable without the intervention or guidance of the dentist. Six patients for whom new dentures were to be constructed in(More)
UNLABELLED Background: This study examined the spatial accessibility of the population of metropolitan Auckland, New Zealand to the bus network, to connect them to primary health providers, in this case doctors (GP) and dentists. Analysis of accessibility by ethnic identity and socio-economic status were also carried out, because of existing health(More)
OBJECTIVE To model the geographic distribution of current (and treated) dental decay on a high-resolution geographic basis for the Auckland region of New Zealand. BASIC RESEARCH DESIGN The application of matrix-based mathematics to modelling adult dental disease-based on known population risk profiles to provide a detailed map of the dental caries(More)
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