Rose Rossi Schwartz

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Huntington's disease (HD) is a progressive neurogenetic disorder that has a 50% inheritance rate. The ability to have 100% confirmation of the illness became a reality with the discovery of the gene in 1993. The effect of confirmatory testing and the issues faced by the individual and the family facing diagnosis have not been addressed. The purpose of this(More)
Northern white-cedar (Thuja occidentalis L.) wetlands are highly valuable both commercially and as wildlife habitat. However, northern white-cedar forested wetlands are declining in area from forestry activities and development, with mitigation efforts often failing to reproduce these ecosystems. For this reason, the goal of this project was to determine(More)
Preface Chapters 2 and 3 of this thesis were completed in collaboration with many authors. I collected and analyzed the data and wrote both chapters. Dr. Amy Marcarelli of Michigan Technological University contributed to the study design, data analysis and the editing of both chapters. Chapter 2 was prepared in collaboration with Drs. Sue Eggert, Anne Timm,(More)
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