Rose Philipps

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BACKGROUND Smoking rates in people with alcohol and other drug dependencies are two to four times those of the general population. Concurrent treatment of tobacco dependence has been limited due to concern that these interventions are not successful in this population or that recovery from other addictions could be compromised if tobacco cessation was(More)
Industry-sponsored clinical drug studies are associated with publication of outcomes that favor the sponsor, even when controlling for potential bias in the methods used. However, the influence of sponsorship bias has not been examined in preclinical animal studies. We performed a meta-analysis of preclinical statin studies to determine whether industry(More)
One thousand five hundred and thirty-six patients with inactive tuberculosis were given a course of preventive treatment consisting of either INH alone or INH and PAS while 840 similar patients served as a control group. Discontinuation of the treatment was frequent and was usually caused by development of complaints which the patients ascribed to the drugs(More)
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