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Prevention of health care-associated infections, specifically surgical site infections, is a fundamental responsibility of the perioperative team. Breaks in sterile technique can and do occur, even for the most conscientious perioperative practitioners. Surgical site infections are associated with unnecessary patient pain and suffering and increased lengths(More)
Lipoplasty (i.e., liposuction) is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedure in the United States. During the past 20 years, there have been dramatic technological advancements in both surgical technique and equipment used to improve postoperative outcomes. As a result, perioperative nurses are faced with the challenge of providing quality care(More)
The sales professional course "Introduction to the Operating Room" offered by the AORN Center for Nursing Practice, Health Policy, and Research is an introductory program in OR etiquette. Its purpose is to provide sales professionals a working knowledge of OR protocol for them to function appropriately in OR settings. Sales professionals who have completed(More)
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