Rose Massengill

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Analytical predictions of primary implant power using presumptive errors in keratometer and axial length measurements were performed using the modified Binkhorst, modified Colenbrander, Holladay, Hoffer, and SRK II equations. These predictions demonstrate that the contributions to primary implant power error resulting from inaccurate axial length and(More)
Perimetry remains one of the main diagnostic tools in glaucoma, and it is usually used in conjunction with evaluation of the optic nerve. This study assesses the capability of automatic pattern recognition methods, and in particular the support vector machines (SVM), to provide a valid clinical diagnosis classification of glaucoma based solely upon(More)
Reports concerning surgical techniques to help combat the problem of drooling not only are new and limited, but few contain postsurgical follow-up information. In this study, the parents of parotid duct transplant patients rated or described particular aspects of their child's drooling or conditions associated with the drooling before and after surgery.(More)