Rose-Marie Åhlfeldt

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As many evaluations show, healthcare organizations do not accomplish the intended effects of their eHealth systems due to inadequate usability. On behalf of the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, the usability of current eHealth systems in Swedish healthcare have been analysed from the perspective of healthcare and social service professionals.(More)
An important insight in business management during recent years is the awareness that organisations need to focus on the processes that create value for their customers. This is in order to see to that value is created as efficiently as possible and that unnecessary or redundant activity is avoided. As a consequence, the organisations' IT support need to(More)
In the context of information systems and information technology, information security is a concept that is becoming widely used. The European Network of Excellence INTEROP classifies information security as a non-functional aspect of interoperability and as such it is an integral part of the design process for interoperable systems. In the last decade,(More)
Enterprise systems interoperability is impeded by the lack of a cohesive, integrated perspective on non-functional aspects (NFA). We propose to respond to the fragmentation in NFA research by supporting a shared, common understanding. For this purpose:-first, we propose a common NFA ontology, which generalizes and integrates the different non-functional(More)
To be efficient and patient focused, healthcare units need to be process oriented and integrated with the processes and IT systems of other healthcare units. A process manager facilitates integration of different systems by using graphical and executable process models. The process manager also communicates directly with healthcare personnel via desktop(More)
This article presents and illustrates the main features of a proposed process-oriented approach for patient information distribution in future health care information systems, by using a prototype of a process support system. The development of the prototype was based on the Visuera method, which includes five defined steps. The results indicate that a(More)