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In this study, we sought to determine whether pertussis toxin (PT), an exotoxin virulence factor produced exclusively by Bordetella pertussis, is important for colonization of the respiratory tract by this pathogen by using a mouse intranasal infection model. By comparing a wild-type Tohama I strain to a mutant strain with an in-frame deletion of the ptx(More)
Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder with onset in infancy or childhood. Research has identified infant/toddler characteristics that should suggest autism to pediatric primary care providers. Many autistic children can be referred for diagnosis as young toddlers if social, perceptual, and language delays are considered significant. Early diagnosis(More)
BACKGROUND Pertussis toxin (PT) is an exotoxin virulence factor produced by Bordetella pertussis, the causative agent of whooping cough. PT consists of an active subunit (S1) that ADP-ribosylates the alpha subunit of several mammalian G proteins, and a B oligomer (S2-S5) that binds glycoconjugate receptors on cells. PT appears to enter cells by endocytosis,(More)
The purpose of this research is to explore women's perspectives about reasons why persons might decline HIV testing through drawings and verbal descriptions. We asked 30 participants to draw a person that would NOT get tested for HIV and then explain drawings. Using qualitative content analysis, we extracted seven themes. We found apprehension about knowing(More)
Little is known about the bases of parental worry about adolescents' risk for acquiring a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Parents (N = 247) of adolescents 12-17 years endorsed reasons that explained their worry or nonworry. Parents' past experience of an STI, perception of the child's sexual activity, and racial self-identification were predictors of(More)
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