Rose Catherine

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Companies often receive thousands of resumes for each job posting and employ dedicated screeners to short list qualified applicants. In this paper, we present PROSPECT, a decision support tool to help these screeners shortlist resumes efficiently. Prospect mines resumes to extract salient aspects of candidate profiles like skills, experience in each skill,(More)
Mining online discussions to extract answers is an important research problem. Methods proposed in the past used supervised classifiers trained on labeled data. But, collecting training data for each target forum is labor intensive and time consuming, thus limiting their deployment. A recent approach had proposed to extract answers in an unsupervised(More)
Extracting question–answer pairs from social media discussions has garnered much attention in recent times. Several methods have been proposed in the past that pose this task as a post or sentence classification problem, which label each entry as an answer or not. This paper makes the first attempt at the following two–fold objectives: (a) In all(More)
In most software projects, resolved bugs are archived for future reference. These bug reports contain valuable information on the reported problem, investigation and resolution. When bug triaging, developers look for how similar problems were resolved in the past. Search over bug repository gives the developer a set of recommended bugs to look into.(More)
The ability to obtain quick solutions to problems is an important requirement in many practical applications such as help desks and technical support. In this paper, we describe an approach that will enable easy identification of potential solutions to a given problem. The proposed approach involves extraction of useful problemand resolution-related(More)
Improving the performance of recommender systems using knowledge graphs is an important task. There have been many hybrid systems proposed in the past that use a mix of content-based and collaborative filtering techniques to boost the performance. More recently, some work has focused on recommendations that use external knowledge graphs (KGs) to supplement(More)
Keyword search on data represented as graphs, is receiving lot of attention in recent years. Initial versions of keyword search systems assumed that the graph is memory resident. However, there are applications where the graph can be much larger than the available memory. This led to the development of search algorithms which search on a smaller memory(More)
Improving productivity of practitioners through effective knowledge management and delivering high quality service in Application Management Services (AMS) domain, are key focus areas for all IT services organizations. One source of historical knowledge in AMS is the large amount of resolved problem ticket data which are often confidential, immensely(More)
Online forums provide a channel for users to report and discuss problems related to products and troubleshooting, for faster resolution. These could garner negative publicity if left unattended by the companies. Manually monitoring these massive amounts of discussions is laborious. This paper makes the first attempt at collecting issues that require(More)