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The objectives of this study were to document the extent and the correlates of common physical health symptoms in women two months after childbirth. Of special interest was determining whether violence and depression histories increase the risk for experiencing these symptoms. Participants were recruited in six Toronto-area hospitals and were interviewed by(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was undertaken to compare maternal outcomes at 2 years postpartum after planned cesarean section and planned vaginal birth for the singleton fetus in breech presentation at term. STUDY DESIGN In selected centers in the Term Breech Trial, mothers completed a structured questionnaire at 2 or more years postpartum to determine their(More)
CONTEXT The Term Breech Trial found a significant reduction in adverse perinatal outcomes without an increased risk of immediate maternal morbidity with planned cesarean delivery compared with planned vaginal birth. No randomized controlled trial of planned cesarean delivery has measured benefits and risks of postpartum outcomes months after the birth. (More)
PURPOSE We evaluated the effectiveness of periurethral autologous fat injection as treatment for female stress urinary incontinence. MATERIALS AND METHODS Women with stress incontinence were randomized in a double-blind fashion to receive periurethral injections of autologous fat (treatment group) or saline (placebo group). After injection patients were(More)
We evaluated the efficacy and safety of the VersaPoint bipolar vaporization system during hysteroscopic treatment of 10 women with symptomatic submucous leiomyomata, endometrial polyps, uterine septa, and synechiae in a prospective, uncontrolled pilot study at two Canadian university-affiliated teaching hospitals. Patients were two women with recurrent(More)
Tamoxifen citrate therapy increases the prevalence of benign and malignant uterine lesions. At transvaginal ultrasonography (US), the finding of a thickened central endometrial complex, with or without cystic changes, is often nonspecific and may be caused by an endometrial polyp, submucosal leiomyoma (fibroid), endometrial hyperplasia, carcinoma, or cystic(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to determine whether planned cesarean delivery for the singleton fetus in breech presentation at term reduces the risk of death or neurodevelopmental delay at 2 years of age. STUDY DESIGN In selected centers in the Term Breech Trial, children were screened for abnormalities at > or =2 years of age with the Ages and(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To describe trends in hospital utilization and surgical rates for endometriosis and to estimate the probability of hospital readmission over 4 years among women with early-stage disease. DESIGN Population-based, retrospective cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis of 53,385 hospital admissions for same-day surgery or inpatient treatment(More)
PURPOSE Modern neuraxial labour analgesia reflects a shift in obstetrical anesthesia thinking - away from a simple focus on pain relief towards a focus on the overall quality of analgesia. However, advances in the methods used to measure outcomes have not kept pace with clinical progress, and these approaches must evolve to facilitate meaningful assessment(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To determine the complication-related hysterectomy rate after uterine artery embolization (UAE) for symptomatic uterine leiomyomas. DESIGN Prospective, multicenter, nonrandomized, single-arm clinical trial (Canadian Task Force classification II-2). SETTING Eight Ontario University-affiliated teaching and community hospitals. PATIENTS(More)