Rose C. Hendrix

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The receptor-ligand pairs CD28-B7 and CD40-gp39 are essential for the initiation and amplification of T-cell-dependent immune responses. CD28-B7 interactions provide 'second signals' necessary for optimal T-cell activation and IL-2 production, whereas CD40-gp39 signals co-stimulate B-cell, macrophage, endothelial cell and T-cell activation. Nonetheless,(More)
To evaluate nonpharmacologic interventions, caregivers (65 women, 38 men) and their dementia-diagnosed spouses (patients) were randomized to one of four treatment programs (cognitive stimulation, dyadic counseling, dual supportive seminar, and early-stage day care) or to a wait-list control group. Assessments occurred initially and at postintervention (3(More)
Tolerance to self is a necessary attribute of the immune system. It is thought that most autoreactive T cells are deleted in the thymus during the process of negative selection. However, peripheral tolerance mechanisms also exist to prevent development of autoimmune diseases against peripheral self-Ags. It has been proposed that T cells develop tolerance to(More)
In recent years, reagents have been developed that specifically target signals critical for effective T cell activation and function. Manipulation of the CD28/CD80/86 and CD40/CD154 pathways has exhibited extraordinary efficacy, particularly when the pathways are blocked simultaneously. Despite the reported efficacy of anti-CD154 in rodents and higher(More)
The nucellus was removed from immature seeds of 4 mango genotypes, andcultured under different induction conditions. The mango genotypes includedpolyembryonic ‘Hindi’ and ‘Nam Doc Mai’ and monoembryonic ‘Lippens’ and’Tommy Atkins‘. Nucellar explants were cultured on modified B5 basal mediumunder the following inductive conditions: 1) 4.52 µM 2,4-D; 2)(More)
BACKGROUND High-density oligoarray technology is a novel method for screening the expression of thousands of genes in a small tissue sample. Oligoarray analysis of genes expressed during human renal allograft rejection has not been reported previously. METHODS Seven human renal allograft biopsies with histologic evidence of acute cellular rejection and(More)
BACKGROUND 4-1BB (CD137) is a T cell costimulatory molecule that promotes T cell activation. In this study, we investigated the role of 4-1BB costimulation in allogeneic T cell responses. METHODS Vascularized heart transplantation, allogeneic mixed leukocyte reaction (MLR), and graft versus host disease models were used to examine 4-1BB and 4-1BBL(More)