Rose Alinda Alias

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There is a world trend for Research Performance Evaluation (RPE), developing of new scientometric indices and examining of their application. Consequently, concerns and anomalies arise about the convergent validity and reliability of these indices for the decision making purposes. This is especially prevalent in the region/countries/disciplines having less(More)
Knowledge management system (KMS) is one of the most critical weapon to transform knowledge resources in organization into intellectual capital for competitive advantage. However, learning organizations (LO) still have difficulties in identifying an appropriate KMS architecture framework and KMS technologies for their organizations. There is also no clear(More)
This study applies scientometric approach to meso level data. The objective was to evaluate Institutional level h-index's (IHI) reliability with respect to other Journal Related Indices (JRI). Most of the studies in the literature considered journal's h-index as contrasted measure. Nevertheless, there has been no study that explores the relation between IHI(More)
We present a study of using fuzzy-based parameters for solving public bus routing problem where demand is uncertain. The fuzzy-based parameters are designed to provide data required by the route selection procedure. The uncertain data are represented as linguistic values which are fully dependent on the user's preference. This paper focuses on the selection(More)
Experience contributes to tacit knowledge acquisition but its role especially in the academic domain remains unclear. This study investigates the role of experience in tacit knowledge acquisition in Malaysian academia using the mixed methods approach with grounded theory as the qualitative approach followed by survey. It is discovered that tacit knowledge(More)
Access to ICT infrastructure is a key determinant of a higher education institution's ability to deliver teaching and learning effectively. The paper proposes a rubric for assessing ICT infrastructure with regards to the implementation of academic computing in Malaysian higher education institutions. Based on a selection of seven survey questionnaires and(More)
Academic computing encompasses the utilisation of staff, infrastructure and services which enable and support the management and delivery of academic programmes in teaching, learning and research. A common academic computing framework allows for future benchmarking within and between higher education institutions in Malaysia. This paper compares nine ICT(More)
The literature considers a journal’s h-index as a compared measure, however the relation between institutional level h-index (IHI) and journal related indices (JRI) has not been explored in previous studies at meso-level research assessment. This study applies the scientometric approach to meso-level data to examine the association, functional relationship(More)