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Genome of the tropical plant Marchantia inflexa: implications for sex chromosome evolution and dehydration tolerance
It is found that genes on sex chromosomes are under greater diversifying selection than autosomal and organellar genes, and this is driven primarily by divergence of male-specific genes, while divergence of other sex-linked genes is similar to autosomal genes. Expand
Variation in the bacteriome of the tropical liverwort, Marchantia inflexa, between the sexes and across habitats
This work characterized the bacteriome of the non-vascular plant, Marchantia inflexa, in both males and females across multiple habitats by targeted sequencing of the bacterial 16S rRNA gene, and suggests that the specific taxonomic assemblages of bacteria detected in particular habitat types may serve functional roles. Expand
Sex differences and plasticity in dehydration tolerance: insight from a tropical liverwort.
By studying a less extreme DhT phenotype, insight is gained into how more sensitive (yet still tolerant) organisms cope with dehydration and plasticity in DhT has the potential to inform management practices aimed at increasing tolerance to drought conditions. Expand
Water stress tolerance tracks environmental exposure and exhibits a fluctuating sexual dimorphism in a tropical liverwort
It is found that DhT varied significantly among populations and tracked the characterized exposure gradient, and phenotypic differences among populations in DhT were maintained in the common garden, suggesting that underlying genetic differences contribute to DhT variability. Expand
Unexplored dimensions of variability in vegetative desiccation tolerance.
The natural variation in desiccation tolerance is discussed and it is concluded that this variability should be accounted for in experimental designs and can be leveraged for deeper insights into the intricacies of desICcation tolerance. Expand
Lessons from 20 years of plant genome sequencing: an unprecedented resource in need of more diverse representation
It is shown that genome quality has increased dramatically in recent years, that substantial taxonomic gaps exist, and that the field has been dominated by affluent nations in the Global North, despite a wide geographic distribution of sequenced species. Expand
Expression dynamics of dehydration tolerance in the tropical plant Marchantia inflexa.
Tolerance to prolonged water deficit occurs along a continuum in plants, with dehydration and desiccation tolerance representing some of the most extreme adaptations to water scarcity. Although,Expand
It is found that patterns of variation in DhT are associated with environmental variability, including complex sexual dimorphisms, and derive from a combination of plasticity and genetic differences indhT. Expand
Marchantia inflexa bacteriome: field habitat temperature and relative humidity
Environmental data was collected in June 2016. We monitored the relative humidity and temperature at each of 4 field sites on the island of Trinidad, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago at five minuteExpand