Rose A. Gonzalez

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Concepts of health and illness are culturally defined; however, few researchers have reported on these concepts among Latina women. A purposive sample of 14 lower income Nicaraguan women living in a squatter settlement is the focus of this qualitative study. The authors used in-depth, tape-recorded interviews in Spanish to gather data on the women's(More)
Crime-promoting cognitions and attitudes, globally labeled as criminogenic thinking, are shown to perpetuate maladaptive and antisocial behavior in criminals and nonoffenders. In the nonoffender population, these thinking patterns may not lead to illegal behavior, but can result in irresponsible or maladaptive behavioral consequences. Theories suggest that(More)
OBJECTIVE Canceled or unattended psychotherapy sessions are a source of concern for patients, providers, and health-care systems. Veterans are particularly likely to experience mental health problems, and yet they are also especially susceptible to variables leading to premature termination of services. METHOD This study examined a large (n = 2285) sample(More)
After a disaster, survivors find themselves seeking many types of help from others in their communities. The purpose of this exploratory study was to assist in mental health service planning by determining the type and priority of support services sought by church attendees after Hurricane Katrina. Surveys were given to church attendees from two Mississippi(More)
The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VHA) is the largest provider of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) care and has made considerable effort in facilitating multidisciplinary medical and mental health care for Veterans with HCV. Those with HCV are at high risk for psychiatric and substance use disorders that often negatively impact selection for and(More)
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