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Feature extraction is a crucial step for many systems of face detection and facial expression recognition. In this paper, we present edge-based feature extraction for recognizing six different expressions, which are angry, fear, happy, neutral, sadness and surprise. Edge detection is performed by using Gabor wavelet and convolution filters. In this paper we(More)
A face detection system is a computer application for automatically detecting a human face from digital image or video frame. This paper presents a face detection system that used web camera to detect and track a face in real-time. To detect a face in the image, a simple method of skin color detection is used. By using color detection method in this(More)
Hand tracking is a common task in a gesture recognition system. Many techniques have been introduced to make successful hand tracking. In hand tracking system, most of previous works tracked the hand position using attached marker on hands. Several researchers have used a color image for skin color detection. However, using marker based need to attach(More)
The body earthing technique is a kind of method that can neutralize our positive charge and negative charge in our body by connecting to the earth. It is believed that body earthing gives a positive effect on human body. There is a possibility that EEG signals can verify the positive effect of body earthing. The experiment of body earthing is done by(More)
Computerized monitoring of the home based rehabilitation exercise has many benefits and it has attracted considerable interest among the computer vision community. Nowadays, many rehabilitation systems are proposed, most of the targeted disability is for stroke patient. Some of patient or user just wants to take certain part for rehabilitation. Therefore,(More)
The study of brain dominance in human-computer interaction has increased in recent years in an attempt to address the need of users especially who cannot read or write. The objective of this paper is to determine the brain dominance from brainwave signal that are measured using Emotive device and to analyse the pattern of brain dominance brainwave signal by(More)
The exercise and rehabilitation based on computer vision system have many benefits and it has attracted the interest of researchers in the computer vision community. The researchers have kept on improving the existing methods by creating novel method or developing new algorithms in image processing and artificial intelligence. This paper presents the(More)
In this research, three methods for the detection of crack defects on integrated circuit (IC) packages are proposed. These methods use blob analysis technique in image processing stage, and use multi-layered perceptron (MLP) neural network to classify the IC package. This paper presents the various filters and operations employed in blob analysis. The(More)
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