Roscoe E Taylor

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Several clinical studies have suggested that the content of estrogen receptor (ER) in breast tumors influences the survival, tumor recurrence, and response to antiestrogen therapies. Therefore, the ability to precisely quantitate the ER content in tumor tissues will be of significant benefit to women with breast cancer. Although immunohistochemical and(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that depression in patients being considered for cervical disc surgery is associated with severe organic pathology. Secondly, to test whether depression and abnormal illness attitudes recorded preoperatively would predict poorer recovery. METHODS Seventy four patients with pain and disability from cervical arthrosis were(More)
In June 2003, Australian state and territory health departments were notified of an outbreak of Hepatitis A in people who had attended a five-day youth camp. Approximately 350 people attended the event in Central Australia between 24 and 28 April 2003. The public health investigation comprised of case identification, food handler interviews, an(More)
A questionnaire was sent to the principals of 20 schools for the hearing-impaired across Canada seeking data on the types and numbers of professional support staff utilized by them. In addition the schools were asked to express opinions regarding the additional number of professionals in various disciplines that should be employed. The most commonly(More)
The following is a report of an unusual family cluster of group C invasive meningococcal disease in Tasmania. This unusual case cluster raises several important issues of public health significance regarding vaccine failure and nucleic acid amplification testing use in the setting of invasive meningococcal disease.
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