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We describe a prenatally detected case of double trisomy involving chromosome 21 and the X chromosome (48,XXX,+21) along with determination of the segregation errors responsible for the double aneuploidy. The patient was ascertained as a result of an abnormal maternal serum analyte screen showing an increased risk for fetal Down's syndrome. Following(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether transplacental needle passage affects the frequency of pregnancy loss in early amniocentesis. METHODS We reviewed 380 consecutive cases of amniocentesis performed before 14.9 weeks' gestation because of advanced maternal age (at least 35 years old). Procedure and pregnancy outcome data were obtained from reviews of patients'(More)
The influence of some nutritional and hormonal factors in the growth failure detected in children of teenage mothers belonging to medium-low socioeconomic level (SEL) was studied. They were compared with children of mothers older than twenty years of the name SEL. Only growth retarded children of teenage mothers had significant delay in bone age, compared(More)
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