Rosario Signorello

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This paper provides an overview of previous works on the acoustic parameters of charismatic voice and illustrates MASCharP, a scale for measuring the perception of charisma in voice. A study is then presented on the perception of charisma through the temporal and pitch structure of the voices of an Italian and a French politician. Results show some cultural(More)
A leader's charisma is conveyed by various multiple aspects of his perceivable behavior among which the acoustic-prosodic characteristics of speech. We present here a study on the perception of charisma in political speech that aims to investigate the notion of charisma and to validate a theoretical framework on a multidimensional scale of charisma(More)
Experiments using animal and human larynx models are often conducted without a vocal tract. While it is often assumed that the absence of a vocal tract has only small effects on vocal fold vibration, it is not actually known how sound production and quality are affected. In this study, the validity of using data obtained in the absence of a vocal tract for(More)
Voice is one of the orators perceivable behaviors that convey traits of charisma. Contemporary leaders, such as politicians, use their voices to shape their message and persuade audiences. The present study analyzes the physiological use of the “charismatic voice” in Italian, French, and Brazilian Portuguese political speech. We investigated the “discourse(More)
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