Rosario Reyes

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To determine whether the concentrations of calcium-binding proteins present in some neurons and sensory cells are sufficient to influence presynaptic calcium signaling, we studied the predominant calcium-binding protein in a class of sensory hair cells in the frog ear. Based on antibody affinity and molecular weight, we identified this protein as(More)
Rohon-Beard cells are large, mechanosensory neurons located in the dorsal spinal cord of anamniote vertebrates. In most species studied to date, these cells die during development. We followed labeled Rohon-Beard cells in living zebrafish embryos and found that they degenerate slowly, over many days. During degeneration, the soma shrinks and finally(More)
K(+) channels in the inner ear regulate the secretion and homeostasis of K(+), i.e. the flux of K(+) ions required to ensure good mechanosensory transduction. We studied the expression and cellular localization of TWIK-1 and TWIK-2, two-pore-domain K(+) channels responsible for background K(+) currents. Reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction showed(More)
To initiate a genetic analysis of olfactory development and function in the zebrafish, Danio rerio, we developed a behavioral genetic screen for mutations affecting the olfactory sensory system. First, we characterized olfactory responses of wild-type zebrafish to various odors. We found that 3-day-old juvenile zebrafish reacted to the amino acid L-cysteine(More)
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