Rosario Moyano

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The effects of cyanobacterial cells containing microcystins (MCs), toxins from cyanobacteria, on oxidative stress biomarkers from liver and kidney of Tenca fish (Tinca tinca) were investigated under(More)
The effects of microcystins (MCs) from cyanobacterial cells on the enzymatic activities of acid and alkaline phosphatases (ACP and ALP) from liver, kidney and gill tissues, and the histopathological(More)
The present study investigates the role of selenium (Se) supplementation (as sodium selenite) on the oxidative stress and histopathological changes induced by cyanobacterial cells containing(More)
Microcystins (MC) are frequently present in cyanobacterial blooms in rivers and lakes, increasing the risk of toxicity to both animals and humans. There more than eighty reported microcystins, and(More)
Although the beta2 adrenergic agonists have been seen to have important effects on the mechanisms regulating the development and death of T-cells in the thymus, the side-effects on the immune system(More)