Rosario Medina Rodríguez

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Specific information about the population pharmacogenetics can be the starting point to study the inheritance of these traits, to design individual drug therapy, and to develop new drugs rationally.(More)
BACKGROUND This study was directed to evaluate the immunoexpression of markers for cell proliferation, apoptosis, nuclear androgen receptors, and Glutathione-S-Transferase P1 (GSTP1), in(More)
This work was directed to evaluate immunoexpression of markers for apoptosis, resistance to apoptosis, and cell proliferation, as well as estimates of nuclear size in ventral prostate of rats treated(More)
This work deals with the quantification of serotonin-immunoreactive prostate neuroendocrine cells (NECs) in rats exposed to prolactin in normal, cyproterone acetate-exposed, and bromocriptine-exposed(More)