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Stroke is an acute condition characterized by a sudden decrease in blood flow to brain tissue, resulting in immediate deprivation of both glucose and oxygen. Different mechanisms are involved in the pathogenesis of stroke, but increasing evidence suggests that one of the processes worsening clinical outcome is inflammation with the synthesis and the release(More)
Headache occurs in a large proportion of young students. In this study we evaluated the incidence of headache in young people, examined associated factors and described the drug therapy used. A structured questionnaire was directly administered to 2700 students of secondary schools of Catanzaro. We recorded that headache symptoms started between 9 and 12(More)
The pathophysiology of pituitary-associated headache is unknown, although structural and functional features of the tumour are proposed mechanisms. The objective of this study was to evaluate whether headache in a population with pituitary micro-adenomas was related to hyperprolactinemia. We recruited 29 patients with microprolactinoma and headache: 16 with(More)
The study explores the awareness of technical terms used in evidence-based medicine (EBM) and manner of treating patients with migraine among a random sample of 500 general practitioners (GPs). A mailed questionnaire included questions on GPs' demographics and practice characteristics; awareness of EBM; sources of information about migraine and EBM; and(More)
Introduction The Calabria Cephalalgic Network represents a novel healthcare delivery context which, according to a patient-centered vision, allows to effectively integrate different care settings (mainly primary and secondary care) by developing and implementing evidence based clinical workflows. On this basis, the Network is able to effectively support(More)
The aim of the study was to evaluate in man the dose-effect relationship of ibopamine solution 0.25%, 0.50% and 1% on the pupillary diameter and the pupillary reflex to light stimulus and near vision. A cross-over study was performed in comparison with a placebo and with tropicamide solution 1% in 18 healthy volunteers. The results show that ibopamine 1%(More)
Background Recent studies attest to a relationship between medication-overuse headache (MOH) and cognitive impairment, especially regarding visual memory, verbal memory, processing speed, decision-making and attention, which constitute the executive function (EF) [1]. EF impairment in MOH patients may relate to frontal cortex hypo-metabolism [2]. Evidence(More)
Background Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) is the presence of a blood clot in the dural venous sinuses. Symptoms include migraine, abnormal vision, strokelike signs, seizures, and abnormalities of consciousness and mental status. CVST incidence is 3-4 cases per million adults with a higher frequency among younger people < 40 years old, thrombophilia(More)
Materials and methods We treated 32 CH patients (8 males; 24 females; 44.76 ±11.23 mean age) with 190-units BoNTA injections. Sessions took place from January 2014 to June 2015 once every 3 months; patients received headache education; at the baseline (T0) and at the final follow-up (T1) patients completed a headache diary, pain Numerical Rating Scale(More)
Results An increase in vascular reactivity of mean flow diastolic velocity was observed during visual stimulation in headache-free subjects (Group 1, 10 patients) and in the patients affected by migraine with aura (Group 2, 7 patients), without any differences between right and left sides. Reactivity of mean flow diastolic velocity to visual stimulation was(More)