Rosario Covarrubias

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Sol-gel immunosorbents (IS) prepared by encapsulation of polyclonal antibodies in silica were packed in cartridges and evaluated for selective immunoaffinity extraction (IAE) of malathion and triazines from aqueous samples. Encapsulated atrazine antibodies highly cross-reacted with simazine and propazine but did not recognize prometon and prometryn. No(More)
A selective and simple analytical method for the trace level determination of carbofuran in complex environmental and biological samples was developed based on immunoaffinity extraction (IAE) followed by on-line preconcentration and HPLC/UV analysis of the purified extract. The immunosorbent for IAE was prepared by sol-gel encapsulation of monoclonal(More)
A research project was conducted in a native forest of Nothofagus pumilio in one of the southernmost Chilean Nation Parks, Torres del Paine, to check the amount and timing of leaf fall, their decomposition rate and the respiration rate of the soil on an annual cycle.This paper also provides the results of the decay of fallen leaves in time, the loss curve(More)
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