Rosario Casanueva

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—This paper proposes a two-stage low-frequency square-wave (LFSW) electronic ballast with digital control. The first stage of the ballast is a power factor correction (PFC) stage, and the second is a full-bridge (FB) converter used for both lamp ignition and LFSW drive. As a novelty for LFSW ballasts, ignition is achieved without an additional igniter(More)
This paper proposes a digital controller for a low-frequency square-wave (LFSW) electronic ballast that includes the ignition sequence, a double control loop, and the selection of the positive and negative operation modes. The whole ballast is a two-stage circuit, where the first part is a power factor correction (PFC) stage and the second is a full-bridge(More)
— The paper proposes the use of a dsPIC30F2010 for implementing the ignition sequence, a double loop control and selecting the operation modes of a low frequency square wave (LFSW) electronic ballast for two-stage HID lamps. The first stage is the power factor correction (PFC) stage, and the second is a single full-bridge (FB) inverter with LC filter. The(More)
In this paper, a generalized study of the parallel connection of N class D parallel resonant (LC p) inverters is presented. The study evaluates the current distribution, output power and efficiency of the circuit as a function of the number N of phases. Experimental results for a 600W four-phase prototype for electronic ballast applications are presented.
— The paper proposes the use of a single full-bridge (FB) inverter and LC filter in HID electronic ballast, realizing both the functions of a resonant circuit for lamp ignition and a current controlled low frequency square wave inverter for normal operation. Ignition is achieved by resonance when the converter is controlled as a FB inverter at the resonant(More)
design, and experimental results of the parallel connection of series-parallel (LC s C p) resonant converters for a spark erosion power supply are presented. To increase the power of the spark erosion power supply, synchronous (same frequency and phase) and interleaved (same frequency and phase shift) parallel connection of N LC s C p resonant converters(More)
This paper presents a field-programmable gate array (FPGA)-based generation of optimized drive signals for resonant converters using synchronous rectification (SR) applied to an arc welding machine. The proposed digital implementation makes the most of the FPGAs capabilities by setting in open loop the arc welding current with enough resolution to establish(More)