Rosario Casanueva

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— The paper proposes the use of a single full-bridge (FB) inverter and LC filter in HID electronic ballast, realizing both the functions of a resonant circuit for lamp ignition and a current controlled low frequency square wave inverter for normal operation. Ignition is achieved by resonance when the converter is controlled as a FB inverter at the resonant(More)
—This paper proposes a two-stage low-frequency square-wave (LFSW) electronic ballast with digital control. The first stage of the ballast is a power factor correction (PFC) stage, and the second is a full-bridge (FB) converter used for both lamp ignition and LFSW drive. As a novelty for LFSW ballasts, ignition is achieved without an additional igniter(More)
In this paper, a generalized study of the parallel connection of N class D parallel resonant (LC p) inverters is presented. The study evaluates the current distribution, output power and efficiency of the circuit as a function of the number N of phases. Experimental results for a 600W four-phase prototype for electronic ballast applications are presented.