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BACKGROUND Human subjects can be parasitized by Anisakis simplex by eating raw or undercooked fish. Gastric anisakiasis is probably the most frequent clinical entity presenting with severe epigastric pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. In gastroallergic anisakiasis hypersensitivity symptoms predominate. OBJECTIVE We sought to describe clinical features,(More)
BACKGROUND Dermatitis of and around the eye is common. Allergic contact reactions from phenylephrine are rare despite extensive use by ophthalmologists. Previous reports do not indicate crossreactivity between phenylephrine and other sympathomimetic drugs in patch testing. METHODS We report three cases of allergic contact reactions(More)
BACKGROUND There are no Spanish guidelines or consensus statement on bradykinin-induced angioedema. AIM To review the pathophysiology, genetics, and clinical symptoms of the different types of bradykinin-induced angioedema and to draft a consensus statement in light of currently available scientific evidence and the experience of experts. This statement(More)
BACKGROUND There are no previous Spanish guidelines or consensus statements on bradykinin-induced angioedema. AIM To draft a consensus statement on the management and treatment of angioedema mediated by bradykinin in light of currently available scientific evidence and the experience of experts. This statement will serve as a guideline to health(More)
The C-reactive protein, leukocytes count and erythrocyte sedimentation rate, were determined in 32 hydrocephalus children treated with shunt, on the 1st day, 5th day and 10th day postintervention. C-reactive protein was positive on the 5th day postintervention in the 66.6% of the patients with infection and the 100% of these patients on the 10th day. In(More)
We analysed patients with allergic or digestive symptoms after seafood ingestion in order to assess a correct diet in Anisakis simplex sensitised individuals. A total of 120 patients who suffered allergic and/or digestive symptoms after marine food ingestion were studied. We performed skin prick tests for A. simplex and seafood, total serum and specific(More)
BACKGROUND The ingestion of Anisakidae ssp larvae parasitized fish can cause anisakiasis. Allergic reactions after ingestion of safely cooked but parasitized fish have been reported. METHODS Twenty-three patients who suffered allergic reactions after seafood ingestion, with negative skin tests were studied. Anisakis simplex sensitization was assessed by(More)
Although true allergic reactions due to systemic corticosteroid therapy are not frequent, they should be kept in mind since allergic reactions to this kind of therapy are possible. We report two cases of specific adverse reactions resulting from systemic corticosteroid therapy which were diagnosed by provocation tests. The corticosteroids involved in each(More)
Different allergenic proteins have been involved in cross-reactivity among animals. Albumins seem to be cross-sensitizing allergenic components. The aim of this study was to assess the importance of albumin as a cross-reactive allergen in patients sensitized to cat, dog and horse. One hundred and seventeen patients sensitized to cat were tested for IgE(More)
BACKGROUND Previous research has shown that gastric acid suppression by antacid drugs can promote allergic reactions to acid-labile food proteins. No data are available about whether antacid drugs can promote drug hypersensitivity reactions. The most potent and longer lasting inhibition of gastric secretion is provided by proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). We(More)