Rosaria Esposito

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In terms of their embryonic origins, the anterior and posterior parts of the ascidian central nervous system (CNS) are associated with distinct germ layers. The anterior part of the sensory vesicle, or brain, originates from ectoderm lineages following a neuro-epidermal binary fate decision. In contrast, a large part of the remaining posterior CNS is(More)
The anti-proliferative effects of diatoms, described for the first time in copepods, have also been demonstrated in benthic invertebrates such as polychaetes, sea urchins and tunicates. In these organisms PUAs (polyunsaturated aldehydes) induce the disruption of gametogenesis, gamete functionality, fertilization, embryonic mitosis, and larval fitness and(More)
Cost (time and effort) estimation is fundamental in system and software management. The software related research, together with industries, elaborated and currently use a large number of different cost estimators (CE). While expert judgment is still the most widely used estimation practice in industry, these estimators take a representative calibration set(More)
Tyrosinases, widely distributed among animals, plants and fungi, are involved in the biosynthesis of melanin, a pigment that has been exploited, in the course of evolution, to serve different functions. We conducted a deep evolutionary analysis of tyrosinase family amongst metazoa, thanks to the availability of new sequenced genomes, assessing that(More)
International standards for V&V processes prescribe systematic testing as a fundamental step of safety-critical systems life-cycle, in order to prove the fulfilment of their requirements. However, proposed approaches are quite general and, for complex systems, imply an excessive number of test-cases to ensure the correctness of system behaviour in any(More)
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