Rosanna Villella-Bressan

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A model of a proliferating cell population is analyzed. The model distinguishes individual cells by cell age, which corresponds to phase of the cell cycle. The model also distinguishes individual cells by proliferating or quiescent status. The model allows cells to transit between these two states at any age, that is, any phase of the cell cycle. The model(More)
We analyse an age-structured model of telomere loss in a proliferating cell population. The cell population is divided into telomere classes, which shorten each round of division. The model consists of a nonlinear system of partial differential equations for the telomere classes. We prove that if the highest telomere class is exempted from mortality, then(More)
We analyze the asymptotic behaviour of solutions of the abstract differential equation u'(t)=Au(t)-F(u(t))u(t)+f. Our results are applicable to models of structured population dynamics in which the state space consists of population densities with respect to the structure variables. In the equation the linear term A corresponds to internal processes(More)
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