Rosanna Piccolo

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Among radio signals, low frequency (LF) radio signals lie in the band between 30–300 kHz. Monitoring equipment with the ability to measure the electric strength of such signals at field sites, were designed and assembled in Italy. From 1993 onwards, the electric field strength of the MCO (216 kHz, France) broadcasting station has been collecting(More)
For many years, ion and gas content data have been collected from the groundwater of three deep wells in the southern area of the Kamchatka peninsula, Russia. In the last ten years, five earthquakes with M > 6.5 have occurred within 250 km of the wells. In a previous study, we investigated the possibility that the hydrogeochemical time series contained(More)
During February–March 1998, we observed a significant increase (6–8 dB) in the electric field of the CZE (f = 270 kHz, Czech Republic) broadcasting station at a site named AS and located in central Italy. On 13 March 1998 an earthquake (M = 5.2) occurred in Slovenia, starting a strong seismic crisis (M = 6.0 on 12 April, M = 5.1 on 6 May). The distances of(More)
The authors report a series of five cases of non tuberculous cervical spinal epidural abscesses. There were neither patients suffering from immunodeficiency syndromes nor drug addicts; all the patients were in their seventh decade; two patients were affected by diabetes mellitus refractory to medical treatment. Retropharyngeal abscess was the main(More)
In this paper we describe the devices and the methods for imaging analysis and 3D survey of artworks developed at INOA, in collaboration with OPD, and the results obtained on Pisanello's " Portrait of Lionello d'Este ". The portrait of Lionello d'Este is one of the most famous paintings of the Italian Renaissance because of its dynastic and profane imagery.(More)
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