Rosani do Carmo de Oliveira Arruda

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This paper proposes a new interpretation for primary thickening in monocotyledons. The anatomy of the vegetative organs of the following species was examined: Cephalostemon riedelianus (Rapataceae), Cyperus papyrus (Cyperaceae), Lagenocarpus rigidus, L. junciformis (Cyperaceae), Echinodorus paniculatus (Alismataceae) and Zingiber officinale (Zingiberaceae).(More)
Luziola comprises nine monoecious, aquatic species and has its center of diversity in South America. Due to the morphological similarities among Luziola species in the vegetative stage, the micromorphology and anatomy of the leaf blade of five Luziola species were studied to survey potentially useful features for taxon identification. Oryzoid silica bodies;(More)
Allagoptera arenaria (Arecaceae), commonly known as “guriri,” is a palm that occurs only along the sandy coastal environments of Brazil. This work carries out a thorough analysis of A. arenaria leaf anatomy, including histochemistry and micromorphology, with special emphasis on leaf epicuticular waxes. Several common features of palms were identified, as(More)
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