Rosana Rodríguez

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With further scaling of nanometer CMOS technologies, yield and reliability become an increasing challenge. This paper reviews the most important phenomena affecting yield and reliability. For each effect, the basic physical mechanisms causing the effect and its impact on transistor parameters are described. Possible solutions to cope/handle with these(More)
The influence of the oxide hard breakdown (HBD) in an SRAM cell on the performance of a circuit that includes the cell, together with the bit select circuit and sense amplifier for the read and write process of the cell, have been analyzed. The analysis of the impact of oxide HBD on this circuit has been performed through the variation of different(More)
We describe and demonstrate a modular microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)-based optical cross-connect (OXC) architecture. The OXC port count increases modularly by adding new optical modules, and a maximum cross-connectivity of 350 350 can be achieved in the current design. Each optical module has 16 ports with closed-loop servo-controlled MEMS mirrors.(More)