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Soybean seeds are non-sterile and their bacterial population interferes with the enumeration of beneficial bacteria, making it difficult to assess survival under different conditions. Within this context, the principal aims of this work were: (1) to improve a selective media for the enumeration of B. japonicum recovered from inoculated soybean seeds; (2) to(More)
Whole-cell protein analysis was performed for differentiating 150 enterococcal isolates to the species level, which had previously been identified by extended phenotypic conventional tests. Whole-cell protein profile (WCPP) showed a high degree of similarity within species and comparison between species revealed important differences in band profiles. All(More)
We describe four isolates of Ng from men who have sex with men (MSM) patients that were able to grow in the abscense of CO2, as previously was described for N. gonorrhoeae ssp. kochii. These isolates were able to grow aerobically (without any added CO2) at 37 degrees C giving small colonies after 48 hs; two of them isolated from pharynx and urethra of one(More)
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