Rosana Groppa

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The tacrolimus is metabolized primarily by CYP3A5, a member of the single nucleotide polymorphism family. It shows cytochrome P450 (SNP) in intron 3, which consists of a change of base, G for A, producing a stop codon. The result is a nonfunctional protein (allele *3). Allele *1 is the wild type. The patients that show the allelic variant *3 in homozygosis(More)
Here we report on the impact of completely unpurified islet transplantation on the portal vein pressure (PVP) and the hepatic biochemistry in the peritransplant period and on follow-up. Type I diabetic patients underwent simultaneous kidney and islet transplantation. Islets were not purified from the acinar tissue to prevent loss of endocrine mass. Each(More)
After more than 10,000 cases reported all over the world until 1998, simultaneous kidney and pancreas transplantation has become a safe clinical practice, and it may probably represent the best treatment available for diabetic patients in end-stage renal disease. Here we present our results after 12 cadaveric pancreas transplants (8 whole organ, and 4 islet(More)
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