Rosana Barboza

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A lipid nanoemulsion (LDE) resembling low-density lipoprotein can target malignant tumours. In in vivo and clinical studies, association of chemotherapeutic agents to LDE decreased their toxicity and increased pharmacological action. Here, safety of LDE as carmustine carrier (50 mg m(-2) , intravenous) combined with vincristine and prednisone for the(More)
Alvaro L. Ronco1,2 Beatriz Mendoza3 Ximena Varas2 Sylvia Jaumandreu2 Eduardo De Stéfani4 Gustavo Febles2 Rosana Barboza2 Mery Gateño2 1 Departamento de Epidemiología y Métodos Científicos, Facultad de Medicina, Centro Latinoamericano de Economía Humana. 2 Instituto de Radiología y Centro de Lucha Contra el Cáncer, Centro Hospitalario Pereira Rossell,(More)
Our technique is similar to that described by Debrun et al. [?] and consists of the introduction of a microleak balloon catheter by way of a transfemoral approach, placing the balloon above the takeoff of the ophthalmic artery so that chemotherapy can be delivered to an intracranial malignant neoplasm without causing chemosis and/or ophthalmoplegia to the(More)
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