Rosamond Watling

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Severe renal failure caused by the mushroom Cortinarius speciosissimus was first recognised in 1972 and has been reported only from Scandinavia. In the summer of 1979 and following the consumption of the wild mushroom in Scotland, three previously healthy young adults developed the recognised features of cortinarius poisoning-namely, gastrointestinal upset(More)
Successful interaction with the environment depends upon our ability to retain and update visuo-spatial information of both front and back egocentric space. Several studies have observed that healthy people tend to show a displacement of the egocentric frame of reference towards the left. However representation of space behind us (back space) has never been(More)
OBJECTIVE Patients with visual extinction have difficulty detecting a single contralesional stimulus when a second stimulus is simultaneously presented on the ipsilesional side. The rarely reported phenomenon of visual anti-extinction describes the opposite behavior, in which patients show greater difficulty in reporting a stimulus presented in isolation(More)
In a previous study, 8 of 28 ex-preterm infants, aged 4-5 years, had increased urinary calcium excretion. The aim of this study was to confirm this finding and to determine if raised urinary calcium excretion is associated with reduced bone mineralisation. Forty-six ex-preterm children, aged 7-9 years, and 40 age- and sex-matched controls were recruited.(More)
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