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A total of 66 serovars of potentially pathogenic Leptospira species were examined by slot blot hybridization, and 57 of these serovars were classified in six DNA homology groups. In cases in which common serovars were studied, the results were in general agreement with the results of previous workers, who used different DNA homology methods. However, we(More)
To investigate the heterogeneity of Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae, sixty isolates from three sheep on each of twenty farms were examined by restriction endonuclease analysis (REA) and SDS-PAGE. All were found to be different except for three isolates obtained from one farm. The protein and REA patterns of individual isolates were both highly reproducible and(More)
The slot blot method of DNA hybridization was used to study 38 strains of Leptospira biflexa belonging to 38 serovars. Fifteen of these serovars were placed into six groups. The remaining 23 serovars were generally too diverse to show significant DNA relatedness either to these groups or to one another. Serovar thracia was related to Group 5, but it was not(More)
Strains of Leptospira interrogans were examined by restriction-endonuclease analysis. Serovars hardjo and balcanica gave patterns that differed from each other, and from those of other members of the Hebdomadis serogroup and members of other serogroups. The method should be useful for the identification of leptospires and might throw light on problems of(More)
Serum samples were examined for evidence of leptospiral agglutinins from 928 sheep from 45 lines and kidneys from 12 of these lines for evidence of leptospiral infection. All sheep had been submitted for slaughter at meat works in the Manawatu. Serological results were analysed using the results at a minimum serum dilution in the microscopic agglutination(More)
Pregnancies after perinatal loss are oftentimes anxiety-laden and lacking in joy. This may lead to potential negative obstetrical and parenting outcomes. The purpose of this qualitative inquiry was to gain insights into women's pregnancy after perinatal loss experiences, including major features and helpful provider responses. Thirteen women, at varying(More)
The epizootiology of equine herpesvirus type 2 (EHV-2) infection was investigated in Thoroughbred foals on a stud farm which in previous years had suffered economic loss due to respiratory disease. Sixteen pairs of foals and their dams were selected for this study and all of the foals became infected with EHV-2 by two to four months of age. These animals(More)
A case of subglottic stenosis, recalcitrant to conventional therapy, was associated with asymptomatic aspiration of gastric acid into the larynx. Once the reflux was controlled by use of an antacid regimen and an H2 blocker, the subglottic stenosis resolved and the patient could be decannulated. This case led to the use of an experimental canine model of(More)
One case of primary malignant fibrous histiocytoma of the lung and two cases of that tumor in the mediastinum are reported. Primary malignant fibrous histiocytoma is rare in those areas, appearing more commonly in deep fascia and skeletal muscles of the extremities and torso and in the retroperitoneum. Most of the tumors contain both fibroblast-like and(More)