Rosalyn D. Abbott

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1. Quick stretches and releases were applied to small bundles of glycerinated fibres of rabbit psoas and insect fibrillar flight muscle. The resulting tension changes were recorded at various temperatures and amplitudes of length change. The results from the two preparations had many features in common. At temperatures near 0 degrees C the asymmetry of the(More)
A convenient, electronically controlled, in situ, membrane feeding system is described. Evaluation of the system for feeding single pair-mated Aedes aegypti with defibrinated, refrigerated pig blood indicated no significant difference from mouse-fed controls in rat of egg maturation, fecundity, or pupal yield. The feeding system is also suitable for use(More)
When insect fibrillar flight muscle is stretched it becomes more active, as indicated by an increase in oscillatory work output and ATPase activity. Using glycerol-extracted muscle it is demonstrated that this effect is periodic with a repeat of around 3% length change, independent of temperature and ionic strength. This corresponds to 38 nm per half(More)
Limited availability of human neurons poses a significant barrier to progress in biological and preclinical studies of the human nervous system. Current stem cell-based approaches of neuron generation are still hindered by prolonged culture requirements, protocol complexity, and variability in neuronal differentiation. Here we establish stable human induced(More)
We have simulated transient tension responses seen in rabbit psoas and insect flight muscle using a four-state cycle. A wide range of all the rate constants in the cycle and a minimum number of simple mechanical assumptions were used. The rate constants were noted for those cases in which the transient resembled a response seen in real muscle and in which(More)
Non-myofibrillar enzyme activities persist after glycennation of insect flight muscle. Preservation of mitochondrial structure and function in glycerol-extracted preparations complicates the study of direct effects on the myofibrillar contractile machinery. Non-myofibrillar adenosine triphosphatase and a significant amount of respiration and oxidatdve(More)