Rosalinda Guerrero

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INTRODUCTION Rhodococcus equi is an animal pathogen that was initially isolated from horses and is being increasingly reported as a cause of infection in humans with impaired cellular immunity. However, this pathogen is underestimated as a challenging antagonist and is frequently considered to be a mere contaminant despite the potential for life-threatening(More)
Two cases of poisoning produced by the unusual attack of colonies of insects from the family Bombidae, commonly known as bumblebees, are described. This type of poisoning may become severe toxicity and it is analyzed in the light of the latest findings. It is characterized by hemorrhagical symptoms, such as hematemesis and melaena.
This paper is devoted to study the magnitude of the skin lesions produced by Trichophyton verrucosum--previously identified--as well as the therapeutic measures taken. For this study were used 45 calves with a skin fungal process identified, by the adequate culture means, as from T. verrucosum. Through the histic study of the skin biopsy were found several(More)
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