Rosalind Norkett

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Mitochondrial transport plays an important role in matching mitochondrial distribution to localized energy production and calcium buffering requirements. Here, we demonstrate that Miro1, an outer mitochondrial membrane (OMM) protein crucial for the regulation of mitochondrial trafficking and distribution, is a substrate of the PINK1/Parkin mitochondrial(More)
Correct mitochondrial dynamics are essential to neuronal function. These dynamics include mitochondrial trafficking and quality-control systems that maintain a precisely distributed and healthy mitochondrial network, so that local energy demands or Ca2+-buffering requirements within the intricate architecture of the neuron can be met. Mitochondria make use(More)
The DISC1 protein is implicated in major mental illnesses including schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, and autism. Aberrant mitochondrial dynamics are also associated with major mental illness. DISC1 plays a role in mitochondrial transport in neuronal axons, but its effects in dendrites have yet to be studied. Further, the mechanisms of this(More)
The astrocytic GLT-1 (or EAAT2) is the major glutamate transporter for clearing synaptic glutamate. While the diffusion dynamics of neurotransmitter receptors at the neuronal surface are well understood, far less is known regarding the surface trafficking of transporters in subcellular domains of the astrocyte membrane. Here, we have used live-cell imaging(More)
The long, asymmetric and specialised architecture of neuronal processes necessitates a properly regulated transport network of molecular motors and cytoskeletal tracks. This allows appropriate distribution of cargo for correct formation and activity of the synapse, and thus normal neuronal communication. This communication is impaired in psychiatric(More)
Ion transport during neuronal signalling utilizes the majority of the brain's energy supply. Mitochondria are key sites for energy provision through ATP synthesis and play other important roles including calcium buffering. Thus, tightly regulated distribution and function of these organelles throughout the intricate architecture of the neuron is essential(More)
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