Rosalind H Kirk

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Funders, institutions, and research organizations are increasingly recognizing the need for human subjects protections training programs for those engaged in academic research. Current programs tend to be online and directed toward an audience of academic researchers. Research teams now include many nonacademic members, such as community partners, who are(More)
State- and local-level mental health administrators and practitioners can work collaboratively to provide effective early childhood mental health consultation (ECMHC) services that address the growing need in communities to promote healthy socioemotional functioning in infants and young children and prevent longer term mental health challenges. This article(More)
BACKGROUND In high risk, economically disadvantaged neighbourhoods, such as those primarily resident by black and minority ethnic groups (BME), teenage pregnancies are relatively more frequent. Such families often have limited access to and/or knowledge of services, including prenatal and post-partum physical and mental health support. OBJECTIVE To(More)
BACKGROUND Persistent racial disparities in breastfeeding show that African American women breastfeed at the lowest rates. Return to work is a critical breastfeeding barrier for African American women who return to work sooner than other ethnic groups and more often encounter unsupportive work environments. They also face psychosocial burdens that make(More)
Objectives To explore African American women’s breastfeeding thoughts, attitudes, and experiences with healthcare professionals and subsequent influences on their breastfeeding interest and behavior. Insight was also sought about the most effective practices to provide breastfeeding support to African American women. Methods Thirty-eight pregnant or(More)
Parenting group success begins with attendance. Using archival pilot data from 99 mothers who enrolled in the Mom Power (MP) parenting intervention, this study sought to understand the factors that influenced participant engagement and retention. MP is a group-based, early intervention program grounded in attachment theory that utilizes motivational(More)
The goals of this article are to provide a review of key interventions and strategies that impact initiation and duration of breastfeeding with particular focus on low-income African American mothers' maternal psychological vulnerabilities during the early postpartum period using a social ecological perspective as a guiding framework. Although modest gains(More)
This study analysed factors associated with caregiver compliance and childhood immunisation schedules using a framework based on the Health Belief Model and a cross-sectional questionnaire survey. Participants were caregivers who were enrolling their children (average age 5 y) into class one at randomly selected primary schools in Bamenda, Cameroon. Schools(More)
Assessing the value of clinical and translational research funding on accelerating the translation of scientific knowledge is a fundamental issue faced by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and its Clinical and Translational Awards (CTSAs). To address this issue, the authors propose a model for measuring the return on investment (ROI) of one key CTSA(More)