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Postfeminist media culture
The notion of postfeminism has become one of the most important in the lexicon of feminist cultural an alysis. Yet there is little agreement about what postfeminism is. This article argues thatExpand
Gender and the Media
Written in a clear and accessible style, with lots of examples from Anglo-American media, Gender and the Media offers a critical introduction to the study of gender in the media, and an up-to-dateExpand
Empowerment/Sexism: Figuring Female Sexual Agency in Contemporary Advertising
This article argues that there has been a significant shift in advertising representations of women in recent years, such that rather than being presented as passive objects of the male gaze, youngExpand
In the Social Factory?
This article introduces a special section concerned with precariousness and cultural work. Its aim is to bring into dialogue three bodies of ideas — the work of the autonomous Marxist `ItalianExpand
Critical Respect: The Difficulties and Dilemmas of Agency and ‘Choice’ for Feminism
Nutzungsbedingungen: Dieser Text wird unter dem "PEER Licence Agreement zur Verfügung" gestellt. Nähere Auskünfte zum PEER-Projekt finden Sie hier: http://www.peerproject.eu Gewährt wird ein nichtExpand
Cool, Creative and Egalitarian? Exploring Gender in Project-Based New Media Work in Euro
The new media industries are popularly regarded as cool, creative and egalitarian. This view is held by academics, policy-makers and also by new media workers themselves, who cite the youth, dynamismExpand
Culture and Subjectivity in Neoliberal and Postfeminist Times
My aim in this paper is to think through a number of issues concerning the relationship between culture and subjectivity. It seems to me that exploring the relationship of changing forms of politicalExpand
Teen girls, sexual double standards and ‘sexting’: Gendered value in digital image exchange
This article explores gender inequities and sexual double standards in teens’ digital image exchange, drawing on a UK qualitative research project on youth ‘sexting’. We develop a critique ofExpand
Breaking the silence: The hidden injuries of neo-liberal academia
This paper refers to the context of British universities and tackles the relation between macro-organisation, the institutional practices undergoing major changes and the affective embodiedExpand
Beyond the `Sexualization of Culture' Thesis: An Intersectional Analysis of `Sixpacks',`Midriffs' and `Hot Lesbians' in Advertising
This article argues that the notion of the `sexualization of culture' is too general to be a useful conceptual tool. The article has two main objectives. First, it seeks to interrogate the notion ofExpand